James Gunn Claims DC Shows Were Cancelled Ahead of His Takeover

James Gunn continues to be under fire due to his plans of reconstructing the DC Universe. Apart from his multiple decisions of canceling Man of Steel 2, Black Adam 2, and even a Wonder Woman threequel, recently, HBO has canceled two popular DC shows: Titans and Doom Patrol. Despite James Gunn and Peter Safran’s current involvement with the franchise, Gunn claims the cancellations had been planned ahead of his takeover.

Gunn took to Twitter his response on the current issue, as he and co-CEO Safran were being asked by fans if this had been part of their plan as the new DC Heads. Check out Gunn’s full tweet below:

“The decision to end the series precedes us,” Gunn said, “But I certainly wish the best for the talented group of creators, actors, and the rest of the crew that produced both shows.”

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision to end Titans and Doom Patrol was made before Gunn and Safran’s time, which was overseen by HBO Max under Warner Bros. Discovery and at DC Entertainment.

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In light of this, an HBO Max spokesperson said in a statement: “While these will be the final seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol, we are very proud of these series and excited for fans to see their climactic endings.” The spokesperson offered their gratefulness and thanks to Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, Titans showrunner Greg Walker and numerous executive producers, as well as Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver and its executives, “For four seasons, fans have fallen in love with the Titans and Doom Patrol, investing in their trials and tribulations, and in their legendary battles saving the world time and time again.”

The final six episodes of both Titans and Doom Patrol will be released on HBO Max later this year. In the meantime, Shazam! Fury of the Gods premieres on March 17, 2023.

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