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James Gunn Breaks Silence on His New Role as DC Studios Executive

James Gunn
Credit: Marvel

The whole Warner Bros. Discovery merger signaled a dawning of a new era in the DC Universe and true to form, the production company led by CEO David Zaslav just changed the entire landscape of the film and television franchise ahead of its 10th year. Yesterday, WB Discovery officially welcomed DC Studios' co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran who will be overseeing future projects for the outfit.

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Credit: WB

This bombshell news comes just days following then-DC Films President Walter Hamada's exit. Hamada, who was originally set to lead the studio until 2023 stepped down following the merger's completion. So far, Gunn and Safran have yet to lay their future plans for the rebranded DCU but so far, the reception to their upgraded roles has been generally positive.

Taking to Twitter, Gunn officially confirmed the news surrounding his new executive position and according to him, he's pleased to be working under DC Studios. He wrote: "Accurate. So pleased to be here. #DC" Check it out here:

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If you may recall, Gunn was unceremoniously fired from Marvel Studios back in 2018 after his old inappropriate tweets resurfaced. Shortly following his ousting, Warner Bros. hired the Guardians of the Galaxy director and while Disney ultimately gave in to the pressure from fans and GOTG's stars, we'd like to assume that Gunn's firing soured his working relationship with the studio.

Although to be fair, Gunn has stated in countless interviews that he already accomplished what he wanted in the MCU and that it's time to move forward.

That said, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is set to hit cinemas on May 5, 2023.

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