James Gunn Addresses the Leaked Superman Set Photos: "Fully Expected"

David Corenswet as Superman in Superman (2025)
Credit: DC Studios

David Corenswet as Superman in Superman (2025)
Credit: DC Studios

James Gunn recently addressed the leaked set photos from the filming of Superman in downtown Cleveland.

Since last week, photos from the set of the DCU movie have surfaced online which gave fans a brand new look at David Corenswet's Man of Steel suit and the supporting characters that are appearing in the film.

While a lot of fans were delighted by the set photos as they hyped up their excitement for the film, there were also concerns about whether it spoiled some of the major plot points of the DCU project.

James Gunn Reacts to the Superman Set Photos Leak

A fan recently asked Gunn on Threads regarding his thoughts on the set photos leak of the filming of Superman.

The director responded, "Fully expected," indicating that the online leaks did not surprise him at all.

Another fan also asked whether the set photos revealed any major spoilers about the film. Fortunately, Gunn assured that none of them spoiled the film as he didn't film the spoiler-heavy scenes in an outdoor downtown set.

"Not even a little. I’d never shoot a big spoiler outside in the middle of the city," he wrote.

It looks like fans have nothing to worry about regarding the set photos leak as none of them spoiled the film aside from giving us our look at the costumes of the characters and an idea of how Corenswet portrays the iconic hero.

We've also seen in both Marvel and DC projects for the last several years that leaked set photos have become a norm for online fans and the producers have also become cautious on what they should film outdoors to avoid showing any spoilers to the outsiders who might spot them.

Since the filming in downtown Cleveland is still ongoing, fans may encounter more set photos in the coming days and learn more about the DCU project.

At the very least, they have nothing to worry anymore regarding the spoilers as we have a word from Gunn himself that none of them spoiled the surprises or twists that he has in store.

Superman is slated for release in theaters on July 11, 2025.

What do you think of Gunn's remarks on the set photos? Let us know in the comments!

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