James Cameron Shades Marvel and DC Over Avatar Box Office Success

As James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water continues to soar at the box office, he also notes that this not only proves Avatar deserves to have its sequels made, but also has higher potential than any Marvel and DC sequels in the making. Recently speaking with B TV Korea, Cameron highlights that while the superhero franchises have the tendency to renew the story with new villains, the Avatar films delve in deeper through the “same adversary.”

“It’s not like a superhero story where there’s a new villain with every film.” Cameron said, “Same guy, right? Same adversary through the whole thing. But how he evolves is also very interesting once we bring in additional adversaries as we go along.”

Cameron reiterates that Marvel and DC accomplished higher grossing films due to having “more talented people”, “higher quality artists”, before he continued to boast how the Avatar franchise has the WETA Digital Team which makes Marvel and DC’s effects pale in comparison.

“Our team at WETA Digital is constantly having new hires and it’s coming out of that [comic book film] pool, so it improves everything.” Cameron points out, “That said, WETA Effects, as it’s called now, is the best. Right? Industrial Light & Magic does great work, but when it comes to the kind of emotive facial stuff that we’re doing… Thanos? Come on. Give me a break. You saw Avatar: The Way of Water. It’s not even close. It’s what WETA did.”

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This isn’t the first time the Avatar creator compared his franchise with Marvel and DC. In fact, when given the chance, Cameron thrives in showing the difference of what Avatar impacts on its audience such as Avatar: The Way of Water having “better” female empowerment seeing as they feature a pregnant warrior woman fighting for survival while protecting their children.

While we have yet to see more potential from the Avatar franchise, it is worth noting that Avatar: The Way of Water ranked fifth highest grossing film of all time within its four weeks of release and nabbed a rare theatrical extension run in domestic and China cinemas.

Avatar: The Way of Water is still showing in cinemas worldwide.

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