08 Nov 2018 1:36 PM +00:00 UTC

JAM Project Returns to One Punch Man, Will Record New Theme Song for Season 2

ONE PUUUUUNCH. That's the scream that has accompanied the first season of One Punch Man and has added to the series' iconography. Granted, the amazing animation and stellar writing has also been why fans love the show but adding a great theme song wouldn't hurt, so one that matches the intensity and excitement of the show just adds to the excellence.

JAM Project, the band that performed The Hero for season one, will be returning to One Punch Man season 2. We don't know how the theme song will sound just yet but lead singer Hironobu Kageyama has promised that it will be awesome. Fans will have high expectations for that theme song, though most of us just want the second season to come out already.

The reason why this series has been doing so well is due to how it parodies both superhero culture and some of the shonen tropes that has accompanied anime for the longest time. Also helping are some endearing character designs, genuinely funny comedy, and some awesome fight scenes.

One-Punch Man started life as a webcomic by series creator ONE in 2009. After going viral, surpassing seven million hits in June 2012, illustrator Yusuke Murata approached ONE about redrawing the series for a release in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump. The series follows Saitama, a salaryman who hates his job and one day decides to stop a violent villain attack. Saitama is inspired to become a hero from this fight and starts training his body every day.

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