Jake Gyllenhaal Revelation: Brokeback Mountain Star In Talks To Become John Dalton In Remake Of 80s Classic Road House

Jake Gyllenhaal
Credit: Variety / YouTube Screenshot

Jake Gyllenhaal
Credit: Variety / YouTube Screenshot

Jake Gyllenhaal is set to rip out someone’s throat in an upcoming remake of the popular 80s classic Road House. A new report from Deadline revealed that Gyllenhaal is now in talks to star in the new film, which originally starred Patrick Swayze.

The report said that Gyllenhaal and director Doug Liman are now “circling” the remake, which is just a fancy way of saying that they are talking about it and are likely seriously considering making it.

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The remake will reportedly be putting a modern spin on film, which centered on Swayze’s bouncer turned philosopher action classic. It would be interesting to see how Gyllenhaal could portray the tough and calm John Dalton in the remake.

Gyllenhall had met Swayze before, and the two had worked together on the mind-bending 2001 science fiction film Donnie Darko, directed by Richard Kelly.

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Remaking A Cult Classic

While the overall story of the original Rowdy Herrington movie wasn’t completely unique, the new adaption will likely be adding a few elements to allow the story to keep up with the times. The 1989 film essentially used the same old formula used in other action flicks of its era – an outsider with a mysterious past comes into a small town and cleans up the baddies.

Despite its cliché concept, Road House became an instant cult classic – mostly for its weird little details and its portrayal of violence. The scenes of the movie and the quirky fashion of the characters – including heavy use of denim – have all burnt themselves into the collective minds of movie lovers in the 80s and early 90s. Add to that the overall concept of a bouncer dedicating his life to physical training and philosophy to keep bar patrons safe only added to the allure.

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Liman and Gyllenhaal have worked together on several films over the past few years. Over the pandemic, the two released a new adaption of the science fiction movie Chaos Walking. They also released a timely movie about the pandemic, titled “Locked Down,” which starred Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Apart from making movies, Gyllenhaal also starred in recent films such as The Guilty for Netflix, where he teamed up with Antoine Fuqua and Nic Pizzolatto.

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Could Gyllenhaal Pull Off Being John Dalton?

Based on his previous movies, Gyllenhaal could definitely pull off a mysterious but intense character. He also has the chops to become an action hero, given his extensive action movie resume.

However, becoming a zen bouncer who knows how to fight and get it on with the ladies will be a challenging role for the experienced actor. It remains to be seen if Gyllenhaal can pull off being a kung fu master that is “nice” to everyone… until it’s time to rip someone’s throat off with his bare hands.

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