Thor Actress Raises Hand for Role as Valkyrie's Bride in Thor: Love and Thunder

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Thor: Love and Thunder has a lot of people jumping for joy, thanks to the announcement of Jane Foster taking up the mantle of Thor and Valkyrie officially showing off her bisexuality. Fans have been curious about who Valkyrie's queen could be while Thor is away and one actress that Marvel viewers are familiar with just offered herself as a suggestion; Jaimie Alexander's Sif.

Sharing an article about Valkyrie's possible romantic partners, Alexander "raised her hand" for the role of Tessa Thompson's Queen and a lot of fans would be game for this. After all, we haven't seen Sif since Thor: The Dark World, where she was heavily underused and the actress wasn't able to return to Thor: Ragnarok due to ongoing television requirements.


While Alexander's character didn't receive much development in the movies, fans that saw her in Agents of SHIELD were able to catch a glimpse of Sif's potential. It's one reason why fans were so bummed when the character wasn't in Ragnarok since they felt that she had more to offer. Thankfully, Taika Waititi hasn't teased the character being dead just yet, so here is hoping that we get to see her soon.

Part of Marvel Studios' highly-anticipated phase four, Thor: Love and Thunder is set to come out on November 5, 2021.

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