ITZY Ryujin Shares Thoughts On Hair, Makeup As K-pop Idol

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ITZY Ryujin debuted as a K-pop idol under JYP Entertainment in 2019. She and the rest of the group have since achieved global fame and success with their music productions and other official activities.

As an active artist in the world of K-pop, the 21-year-old celebrity has worn different kinds of makeup looks and hairstyles over the years.

In 2021, she shared some of her thoughts about the matter during an interview with Allure.

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ITZY Ryujin Describes Her Hair As "Not Good"

Ryujin never reportedly experienced dying her hair before becoming a K-pop idol. But, things have changed after becoming a celebrity, especially a member of ITZY, adding that she has dyed her hair “dozens of times.”

When asked about it, the K-pop idol admitted that her hair can be “very… not good.” This is why she takes care of it, with the publication saying she uses oil, especially before any heat-styling.

Elsewhere in the engagement, the ITZY member shared that she “loves to dye” her hair different colors because “it is a good way to change [one’s] mood.” She also explained that hair colors “match with the title songs.”

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Ryujin's Love For Blush

Ryujin later told the magazine that she had developed a “love” for blushes. As noted, working on Not Shy for their 2020 comeback “kicked off” her interest in this particular makeup.


The K-pop idol reportedly favors shades of orange, especially orange-brown and orange-pink. It was said that these are her favorite ones to play around when applying makeup.

The ITZY member also revealed that she had been into doing her own makeup while bored at home. Ironically, though, she said it makes her "look shy."

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Fans Adore Her Beauty Even Without Makeup

K-pop fans and followers have always praised and adored Ryujin for her beauty. Even without any makeup on, she continues to receive positive remarks from the public.

Most recently, netizens shared their compliments toward the ITZY member on social media. Kpop Hit reported that it comes after she posted a picture of herself, flaunting her “barefaced visuals.”

Watch this space for more ITZY Ryujin news.

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