It Looks Like Robert Downey Jr. Might Lose An Oscar To The Joker Yet Again

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It's no doubt that Marvel became one of the top comic publishers and companies in the world. One of its biggest projects this year was the Avengers: Endgame, which earned great reviews and even beat Avatar's long reign as the highest-grossing movie of all time.

With a film like Endgame being a success, Marvel ought to campaign their movie since the festival season is well underway. The company is pushing the film for the awards for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Visual Effects. Out of all the awards they're aiming, fans can't help but notice that Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. was not campaigned for Best Actor.

Warner Bros. is also eyeing the awards for their live-action movies, Todd Phillips' Joker is also considered one of the best films of the year, earning great reviews when it was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September. And according to DKoding, it seems like Joaquin Phoenix's Joker could be a contender against Downey for the award.


Back in 2009, Downey was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the movie Tropic Thunder. However, the actor lost to another Joker star, Heath Ledger, a fan-favorite in the movie The Dark Knight. It's also worth noting that RDJ joined the MCU as Iron Man in the same year. And it looks like this event might happen yet again in this year's Oscars.

Although Downey undeniably did a great performance as Iron Man in Endgame, in which he noticeably had the most heart-wrenching parts, it looks like the hero won't be getting the coveted award this year.

Marvel fans should not fret because there will surely be more opportunities for the beloved Iron Man actor's talents to be recognized in the future.

Disney will launch its streaming service Disney+, starting with the release of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier coming in Fall 2020.

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