Is This Speeder Bike from Star Wars: The Mandalorian a Nod to the Original Clone Wars?

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian is gearing up for a big panel this coming Sunday, but that doesn't mean we won't be getting any sweet reveals before then. Star Wars Celebration starts today, and a speeder bike used in the series is up for display.

Check it out:


This is the description on the card:

On the rugged frontier worlds of the galaxy, vehicles like speeder bikes endure harsh elements and are overworked with little downtime maintenance. This Mobquet Zephyr-J model has had most of its unneeded bells and whistles stripped off to be functional above all else.

Screen-used prop from The Mandalorian


What's also cool is, if you've checked out the original animated Clone Wars show from Gendy Tartakovsky, you'll notice that the design of this speeder bike is almost identical to the one that Durge uses along with his army of IG droids. There were even rumors coming out before that an IG droid has been spotted on a speeder bike inset photos.

Mandalorian has a lot of pressure riding on it, seeing as it will be Star Wars first foray into live-action television. The only thing I'm afraid of is the quality of the visual effects, but it looks like showrunner Jon Favreau has it all figured out, even going so far as to use video game technology to help speed up the visual effects process.

No release date has been set for Star Wars: The Mandalorian, but it's suspected that it will launch alongside Disney's streaming platform which releases in November.


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