Star Wars: A Closer Look at the Realistic Renditions of Clone Wars and Rebels Characters

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Star Wars Celebration 2019 has a large mural depicting over 40 years of films, but a lot of fans were also surprised that there were spots for TV shows like The Clone Wars and Rebels. Seeing as those properties were animated, artists Doug Chiang and Jason Palmer had to do a little creative stretching and made the characters look like actual people.

Check out this closer look:


We don't really know who the basis was for the realistic look of the characters, but some are convinced that they used Pierce Brosnan for the role of Admiral Thrawn. Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka look amazing as well, and it's cool to see a photo-real Anakin and Obi-Wan in their Clone Wars armor.

While these shows did get a share in the spotlight, I have a feeling that some people are asking where the characters from Star Wars Resistance are. Seeing as that show is still building up a fanbase, I'm sure we're going to get the likes of Kaz and Yeager in a mural like this sometime in the future. You have to admit, at least Clone Wars and Rebels already have a lot of fans that have accumulated over the years.

While Rebels is already wrapped up, Lucasfilm is seeking to return for a final season of The Clone Wars which could be showcased this coming Star Wars Celebration. The show has admittedly gotten a lot of prestige ever since it premiered, and some consider it to be one of the better-looking Star Wars series out there.


Star Wars Celebration 2019 starts today and ends April 16.

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