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Is The Sandman Season 2 Cancelled? Neil Gaiman Breaks Silence Amid Netflix Cancellations

It was back in November 2022 when Neil Gaiman had confirmed the rumors are true: his show is coming back on Netflix, The Sandman Season 2! However, despite this encouraging news, this doesn’t assure fans that a Netflix show cancellation could happen at any minute, seeing as the streaming site is well-known for its cancellation of shows after just one season.

In light of Inside Job getting a Season 2 green light from Netflix, only to be cancelled, a fan brought this up to The Sandman co-creator on Tumblr, asking, “Are you sure The Sandman is safe?” To this, Gaiman reassures his fans that The Sandman Season 2 won’t encounter a similar problem by painting a picture. Check out his full comment below:

“Define “safe.”” Gaiman says, “Netflix could go out of business before more Sandman launches. A new nightmarish pestilence could close the world down completely. The actors could all be eaten by weasels and the show would be shuttered.”

The Sandman co-creator concludes his message by saying nothing can stop Netflix from producing more content, “But if there’s a Netflix and nothing unforeseen and tragic happens to close the world or the show down, then there will be more Sandman.”

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This isn’t the first time Neil Gaiman had to address The Sandman Season 2. Previously, the second season caused a potential streaming war between Warner Bros. and Netflix, seeing as The Sandman’s original comic book series he created with Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg were published under WB, and yet Netflix will be “reaping the profits” off the series.

Gaiman addressed this in a tweet by saying, “The Sandman Season 2 has been commissioned by Netflix and is real. Whatever behind-the-scenes wrangling and negotiating needed to happen to make this a reality has already occurred.”

As it stands, The Sandman Season 2 has yet to be given an official release date, so, for now, you can catch The Sandman Season 1 currently available to stream on Netflix.

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