Is Luke Losing the Beard in Star Wars Episode IX?

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Luke Skywalker may have died in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but Mark Hamill is still making an appearance in Episode IX. We don't have any looks at the movie yet, but an Instagram post from Hamill could give us a little clue as to Luke's appearance in the film.

Check out Hamill's beardless look in London:


Of course, it's possible that Hamill's beardless look has nothing to do with the film, but seeing as we don't have any official reveals, fans are just clinging onto whatever kind of information they could find.

When it comes to the movie, I'm thinking Luke's role is just going to be a minimal one, and he's going to appear just as much as Ben Kenobi did in the Original Trilogy after he died. It's expected that Luke will show up as a Force ghost to Rey, but I would be more excited to see him appear and Ben Solo and try to sway him back into the light.

Though Luke did die looking like he did, I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to change his look and shave himself a little. If Sebastian Shaw could turn into Hayden Christensen in Return of the Jedi, why can't Luke give himself a little Force-grooming? There's also the possibility that old beardless Luke will be in a flashback when he starts his Jedi school—if J.J. Abrams ever wants to cover that.

Catch Star Wars Episode IX when it comes out Dec. 20.

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