Is Love Flops a Yuri Anime?

Is Love Flops a Yuri Anime?

Is Love Flops a Yuri Anime?

The anime features five gorgeous girls, but is Love Flops a yuri anime, or does belong to a different genre? Let us find out!

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Is Love Flops a Yuri Anime?

No, Love Flops is not a yuri anime but rather, it is a harem anime. While the story features five attractive girls, they are not interested in one another.

For reference, a yuri anime is a genre that focuses on the relationships between female characters. It can range from simple, intimate relationships to sexual partnerships. Some examples are Bloom Into You and Citrus.

In truth, the female characters in Love Flops are fighting for the love of one guy. So, it is considered a harem anime as the female characters surround one male character.

They share a deep affection for him and sometimes consider themselves rivals.

Is Love Flops a Yuri Anime
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With the popularity of harem anime, there's a different approach to female characters in every harem series.

In some shows, the females fight one another, while in others, they treat each other as friends but still hope they win over the guy in the end.

In the case of Love Flops, the girls try their best to win over Asahi, the male lead, but this does not push them to do anything terrible to each other.

They all fight fairly and even help one another when needed.

What to Expect From Love Flops

Love Flops
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Love Flops centers on Asahi Kashiwagi, who encountered a series of unusual accidents on his way to school after watching a fortune-telling session on TV.

All of these incidents would lead him to meet different girls who happen to be from his new school.

He did not expect that after all those encounters, he would receive a love confession from all of them. He now has to decide what to do with his current situation.

The anime contains entertaining romcom antics which make viewers interested in Asahi’s story.

But what makes this harem anime different from other titles in the genre is that viewers become more invested in Asahi and his pain.

What to Expect from Love Flops?
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As the series progresses, fans wish for him to be happy with the other characters.

Underneath the comedic scenes, the story also tackles the issue of moving on from someone’s death and how people overcome such a significant loss.

Love Flops doesn't disregard the trauma but it doesn't make one feel burdened by it.

The romantic comedy anime is not as flawless as other well-loved anime, but it teaches viewers how to move on from loss, leaving a lasting impression.

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