Is Kongming Chinese or Japanese in Paripi Koumei?



The spring anime season has begun, and Paripi Koumei is the first anime to greet viewers with a bang in its first episode from P.A. Works! The main character, Kongming, is off to a strong start and has received a positive response from the anime community. While he began his journey in modern-day Shibuya, viewers wonder, "Is Kongming Chinese or Japanese in Paripi Koumei?"

Paripi Koumei Episode 1 has a surprisingly good start, with viewers perceiving it as a funny and promising anime with a lot of feel-good elements. Not to mention Eiko, who essentially stole Kongming's spotlight.

Paripi Koumei Episode 1 is off to a decent start, thanks to the good music, vibrant animation, endearing moments, and three kingdom gags! This is unquestionably a must-see! But one thing is certain: Paripi Koumei is not a Chinese-made anime, as many anime fans initially assumed.

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What Happened in Paripi Koumei Episode 1?

Is Kongming Chinese or Japanese? What happened in Paripi Koumei Episode 1?
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Credit: PA Works

On his deathbed, Zhuge Liang, also known as Kongming, wishes to be reincarnated in a world without war. His wish has been granted in an unexpected twist of fate, as he is reincarnated in modern-day Shibuya as a young man wearing his Chinese robe. While he initially believes he has been transported to Hell, he is met by his acquaintances, about whom he knows nothing.

Shibuya is packed with cosplayers on all roads during Halloween. As a result, his outfit catches the attention of onlookers, including his two acquaintances, whom he believes are workers from hell. Following that, he is led into a club where he hears Eiko Tsukimi's singing voice. Eiko's endearing voice and the song instantly capture Kongming's heart.

Unfortunately, despite telling her how beautiful her voice is, Kongming refers to her as the "Songstress from Hell," which is a first for Eiko. The rest of the night is devoted to Eiko's struggles as a Japanese aspiring singer. Unfortunately for her, no agency responds to her requests, as evidenced by the rejection messages on Eiko's phone.

Is Kong Ming Chinese or Japanese? What happened in Paripi Koumei Episode 1?-2
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The next morning, Eiko discovers Kongming sleeping on the side of a building. She decides to let Kongming sleep in her apartment because he was the first person to appreciate his voice.

When Eiko awakens, he confronts Kongming about his identity. Regrettably, Kongming candidly tells her about his previous life as a Chinese General. To Kongming's surprise, Eiko decides to help him by explaining how modern life works. In fact, Eiko began singing again as Kongming reminisced about his former comrades and began crying.

Moving forward, Eiko assists Kongming in obtaining employment at the club where she works. Fortunately, the owner is a die-hard fan of the Three Kingdoms, which Kongming is well-versed in.

As a result, he hires him and sends him out as a bartender right away. Surprisingly, Kongming performs admirably in his first job as a bartender. Throughout the night, Kongming learns about Eiko's past and how music helps her get back on track.

Before the first episode concludes, Kongming decides to assist Eiko in realizing her dream of becoming a professional singer. He vows to make her great by commanding her with some of his old special tactics.

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Is Kongming Chinese or Japanese in Paripi Koumei?

Is Kongming Chinese or Japanese in Paripi Koumei? 2
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Yes, Kongming is Chinese. The main character is of Chinese descent, based on Zhuge Liang, whose courtesy name is Kongming.

During the Three Kingdoms period, Kongming serves as a military strategist and statesman and is often compared to Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War. In the anime, Kongming also wears a Taoist robe and carries a hand fan made of crane feathers, as per the source material.

In the anime, Kongming is able to speak fluent Japanese and understand the language, despite having no idea why. Perhaps it is just part of Paripi Koumei's plot narrative, as he is an established Japanese man in the first episode despite wearing traditional clothes.

Paripi Koumei is currently available on HiDive. It is a comedy, drama, historical, idol, and seinen anime with historical and musical elements.

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