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Is Jennifer Aniston Interested in Getting Married Again After Brad Pitt, Justin Theroux? Morning Show Star Says 'I'd Love a Relationship'

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Jennifer Aniston got candid about a lot of personal stuff in her cover interview for Allure for its December 2022 cover. She opened up about her infertility struggles and thoughts about a potential third marriage.

Is Jennifer Aniston Open To Getting Married For The Third Time?

In the interview, the Murder Mystery star was asked if she was open to getting married again. Aniston got candid, saying she is not closing her door, but she's also not interested in it.

"Never say never, but I don't have any interest," she told the magazine. "I'd love a relationship. Who knows? There are moments I want to just crawl up in a ball and say, 'I need support.' It would be wonderful to come home and fall into somebody's arms and say, 'That was a tough day.'"

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Last year, she was asked the same question and seemingly gave the same response.

"Oh God, I don't know," she told People. "It's not on my radar. I'm interested in finding a fantastic partner and just living an enjoyable life and having fun with one another. That's all we should hope for. It doesn't have to be etched in stone in legal documents."

Aniston was previously married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005. She tied the knot with Justin Theroux in 2015, and they divorced two years later.

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How's Jennifer Aniston's Relationship With Her Ex-Husbands?

Jennifer Aniston has remained amicable with her exes. She even invited Brad Pitt to her 50th birthday, years after their divorce. There was also a time when she spent Thanksgiving with Justin Theroux after their split.

In 2020, she and Pitt reunited for the table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In a 2021 interview with Howard Stern, the Morning Show star said, "it was absolutely fun" and "there's no oddness at all" between her and Pitt.

Theroux said in his interview with Esquire that he still talks to Aniston following their separation. He also added that their split was not dramatic, and he wanted to maintain their friendship.

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"We don't talk every day, but we call each other. We FaceTime. We text," the Leftovers actor said.

"Like it or not, we didn't have that dramatic split, and we love each other," he added. "I'm sincere when I say that I cherish our friendship. We can not be together and still bring each other joy and friendship. Also, she makes me laugh very, very hard. She's a hilarious person. It would be a loss if we weren't in contact, for me personally. And I'd like to think the same for her."

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Is Jennifer Aniston Willing To Try Online Dating Apps?

The Friends alum is open to falling in love. However, getting to know someone through dating apps is not her preferred method for finding her "the one."

"Absolutely no," she said when asked if she would ever use dating apps, per People. "I'm going to just stick to the normal ways of dating. Having someone ask you out. That's the way I would prefer it."

At present, Aniston is single. However, in her previous interview, she clarified that she is happy with her life.

"I'm in a really peaceful place. I have a job that I love, I have people in my life who are everything to me, and I have beautiful dogs," she said. "I'm just a very fortunate and blessed human being."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Jennifer Aniston.

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