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Is Gomez Addams Guilty or Innocent on Wednesday?

Is Gomez Addams Guilty or Innocent on Wednesday?
Credit: Netflix

Is Gomez Addams capable of murder?

Wednesday is Netflix’s take on the classic kinda spooky, just a little kooky family.

The series follows Wednesday as she goes through all the trappings of being a teenager while juggling solving crime, escaping murder, and finishing her homework on time.

Wednesday Spoilers Up Ahead

Wednesday Addams transfers to Nevermore, the very same school where her parents went as kids, to avoid being charged with attempted murder after she avenged her brother from being bullied. When she arrives at Nevermore, she finds herself an outcast among outcasts.

While escaping murder attempts, solving mysteries, and finding secret societies, Wednesday discovers a crime committed in the school years ago when her parents were attending the school. As old secrets emerge from the darkness, who is telling Wednesday the truth?

What was Gomez Addams’ Alleged Crime?

Is Gomez Addams Guilty or Innocent on Wednesday?
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Credit: Netflix
Gomez and Morticia

When Wednesday first met the town's sheriff, Sheriff Galpin, he asked Wednesday if her father was Gomez Addams. He then tells her that his father is a criminal and belongs behind bars because of a crime he committed many years ago. This intrigues Wednesday, who proceeds to investigate.

Later on, Tyler gives Wednesday her father’s criminal file, where she reads about the murder that her father allegedly committed. Gomez was taken into custody, but no charges were pressed against him.

During Parents Weekend, Gomez, Morticia, and Pugsley visited Wednesday in Nevermore to see how she was doing. The family holds a conference with Principal Weems, who reminisces with Morticia during their stay at Nevermore and recommends that the family try to attend a family therapy session.

The parents agree and visited Dr. Kinbott's office as a family for the session. Pugsley starts off by saying how much he missed Wednesday, but things spiral out of control when Wednesday jumps to accuse her father of murdering Garrett Gates, ruining any progress they may have had during the session.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Galpin notices that the family is in town, so he keeps tabs on them. He is called to another crime scene and finds the town coroner dead by suicide. They discover a suicide note stating that the coroner allegedly killed himself out of guilt after covering up a crime that happened many years ago - the murder of Garett Gates.

Sheriff Galpin has always believed that Gomez Addams was guilty but didn’t have any evidence to press charges. Now that he has the suicide note, he can arrest Gomez Addams.

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Is Gomez Addams Guilty or Innocent?

Is Gomez Addams Guilty or Innocent on Wednesday?
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Credit: Netflix
Wednesday and Gomez

Wednesday visits Gomez in prison and asks him to tell her the truth. Gomez narrates what happened that night many years ago.

Garrett Gates, who was obsessed with Morticia, stormed into Nevermore during the Rave’n dance to kill Gomez. They fight, with Garett picking up a sword with the intent to harm Gomez. The battle leads them to the scaffolding, high up one of the school's buildings. Garrett drops the sword, which Gomez picks up, and accidentally stabs Garrett, sending him falling off the edge of the scaffold.

Garrett falls to the ground right in front of a young Larissa Weems, who screams in terror.

Wednesday accepts her father’s confession but refuses to believe it is the whole truth. Worrying that Gomez’s incarceration will break the family, Wednesday visits her family to check up on them. She meets Pugsley fishing on the lake and tells him to be strong.

She follows Morticia, who visited Garrett Gates’ grave before retreating to the secret headquarters of the Nightshades. Wednesday tells her mother how tired she is of living in her shadow and informs her that she rejected the Nightshades’ membership invitation.

They then talk about Goody Addams, a family ancestor who killed Joseph Crackstone. Morticia then tells Wednesday the whole truth - she killed Garrett, not Gomez.

Amid the battle between Gomez and Garrett, Morticia picked up the sword Garrett dropped. She accidentally stabbed Garrett when he attacked with blind rage, with dilated pupils and a foaming mouth.  Gomez took the sword and looked over the edge, taking the fall for Morticia.

Garrett’s condition when he attacked sounded suspicious to Wednesday, and so mother and daughter went on a late-night excursion grave digging. They found physical evidence that Garrett died of Nightshade poisoning and presented this to Sheriff Galpin, finally clearing Gomez Addams’ name.

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