15 Jul 2018 3:09 PM +00:00 UTC

Is Duncan Jones Making a Rogue Trooper Movie?

Warcraft director Duncan Jones had teased that he wanted to make a comic book movie, but as it turns out, it was neither for Marvel or DC. His cryptic video seemingly reveals that he'll be working on an adaptation of Rogue Trooper.

As per io9, the mohawk and the blue lighting—paired with some mentions of Dredd and 2000AD—all point to the possibility that Jones is directing Rogue Trooper. Here's a picture of the character without the helmet:


The Rogue Trooper comic follows the story of Rogue, a supersolider with blue skin who fights in this war on Nu-Earth between the Norts and the Southers. Rogue and his allies are said to be hunting after someone called Traitor General, who is a Souther who killed his entire platoon of supersoldiers.

It's kind of like the American Civil War—but sci-fi.

Until there's an official announcement that the film is Rogue Trooper, I won't say anything definite, but everyone is already expressing their excitement online. Sure comic book movies are getting more attention these days, but I would love to see some more R-rated stories make their way online. Deadpool can do it; I can't see why Rogue Trooper won't.

No release date has been set for Duncan Jones next film, but hopefully we get a solid update come SDCC 2018.

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