Is Doctor Who Losing Jodie Whittaker and Chris Cribnall in 2019?

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Though it had a lot of people who were against it at first, the eleventh season of Doctor Who has done really well thus far, getting great ratings and positive reactions from fans and critics alike. It's clear that the initial changes made were for the better and that the first female Doctor is just as likable as previous incarnations of the character, if not more in some cases.

However, a recent report from British magazine Starburst (via, states that the first female Doctor's presence might be short-lived, claiming that showrunner Chris Chibnall might leave next year and Jodie Whittaker, the actress playing the Doctor, might leave with him. While not official news since none of the two parties has confirmed this, it would be shocking to see them go if this is true.

Apparently, despite positive reviews and decent ratings, Chibnall does not like how the show is supposedly run behind-the-scenes and if he were to return for season 12, it would only be for a few episodes. Chibnall is close friends with lead actress Whittaker, so if he leaves there is a good chance that she might go with him, assuming all of this is true.

Considering all of the praise the show has gotten thus far, it would be a shame if we saw both of these talented people leave. Hopefully, things work out for all parties involved since Doctor Who is currently hotter than the series has been in years.

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