Is Black Mirror Cancelled, Coming Back, Ending, or Having Another Season? Season 6 News, Updates, and Everything You Need to Know

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Two years have passed and Black Mirror still hasn't made any new episodes or releases. This made a lot of the fans and viewers ask whether the sci-fi dystopian series has been cancelled if it is ending, will it be having another season, or will it ever be coming back. Season 6 remains in question and here is everything you need to know about it with the news and updates of what lies ahead for the show.

There are five seasons of Black Mirror, a British anthology television series, and it has a diverse genre of episodes – from near-future dystopian events to different uses of science fiction technology to some nerve-wracking "what if" topics that could all turn out to be true. Some could even be considered as contemporary social issues like The Twilight Zone where it is based on.

The series is created by Charlie Brooker and since 2016, the series made its way to Netflix where it garnered more fans and viewers. It has received critical acclaim as one of the best television series in the 2010s. Some of its episodes, namely, San Junipero, USS Callister, and Bandersnatch, got the show Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie three times in a row.


Is Black Mirror Cancelled, Coming Back, Ending, or Having Another Season?

To date, there is no news yet whether Black Mirror will return for another season as Netflix has not ordered new episodes yet for the show. However, hope is not, at all, lost, as it is not cancelled as well. The fate of the series remains floating as issues on the rights of the show turned up just last year.


The departure of Charlie Brooker and Annabell Jones in January 2020 from House of Tomorrow and as reported by Variety, will cause some intellectual property issues as the rights to the series belong to Endemol. The following month, a new production company was born, Broke and Bones. While the rights to Black Mirror remained with Endemol, Netflix arranged with Broke and Bones a long-term contract for Black Mirror in July 2020.

Brooker also had a few words to share as to why there haven't been any new releases for Black Mirror. In an interview with Radio Times in May 2020, Brooker shared that the pandemic has taken a toll on the mood of the people and he is not sure whether Season 6 of Black Mirror would be a good fit. With this, he said he is focusing more on comedic projects.

Doors are not totally closed for Black Mirror, that is for sure. It is possible that once the issue on the rights of the show has been ironed out, the series could make a return considering a large number of fans and viewers waiting for it to happen. Maybe not now, but we hope sometime in the near future.

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