Ironheart: Marvel Studios Reportedly Casts Unexpected Mephisto Actor

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

The name Mephisto has been thrown around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the start of Phase Four with a lot of fans expecting him to appear in WandaVision. Of course, his involvement in the hit Disney+ series would have made a ton of sense, especially considering the Scarlet Witch's ties to the Marvel villain.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Obviously, the devil himself has yet to appear in the billion-dollar franchise and has somewhat been reduced into a running joke. At one point, however, many were speculating that Evan Peters' WandaVision character Ralph Bohner will later be revealed in the show as Mephisto but that wasn't the case.

Now, it looks like the long-rumored villain will finally wreak havoc in the MCU, according to a new rumor, at least. Twitter insider MyTimeToShineHello recently "confirmed" the reports circulating all over social media saying that Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen is playing the iconic baddie and will make his official MCU debut in the Ironheart show.

As it stands, the specifics about Cohen's rumored MCU involvement are still being kept under wraps but if the rumors end up being true, it'll be interesting to see how he fits into the series centered on Riri Williams.

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Some of you might be questioning Cohen's potential MCU casting, especially considering how he's often associated with his comedic work but it's worth noting that Marvel Studios has long been casting comedians who have proven to fans that they belong to the franchise.

Marvel Studios’ Ironheart has yet to announce its official release date but it is expected to hit Disney+ in Fall 2023.

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