Iron Man is Back and Gets a Brand-New Look From Alex Ross

Marvel has finally revealed the post-Iron Man 2020 status quo for Tony Stark and it has lead to something most of us comic book fans saw coming; a brand-new Iron Man #1. That's right, the Iron Avenger is going to headline a new series with a different creative team in acclaimed TV writer Christopher Cantwell and acclaimed artist CAFU. As if that wasn't enough to get Tony Stark stans excited, Marvel has also unveiled a brand-new armor design for Tony from none other than Alex Ross. Awesome.

The status quo of this new series is putting the Man back in Iron Man, with Tony supposedly "going back to his roots," after a difficult few months. Apparently, Tony is going to try to step away from having an overly technical armor set this time, which he is constantly going to fight with himself about. It looks like we're in for one of the more interesting arcs in Tony's life, that's for sure.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Cantwell had this to say about working on the new Iron Man series (via

"I'm over the moon about getting a shot at writing the Golden Avenger. Since Bob Layton's art in the 1980s captured my imagination as a kid, I've been fascinated by Iron Man, and in this new story run, I'm aiming to explore the question: who should Iron Man be today? An angel? A god? Or just a humble man? Tony's going to try and strip the idea of Iron Man all the way down to its metal core, something that will constantly be at odds with his giant ego. We'll see if he can truly keep his arrogant self-image in check, even as others with god complexes set their sights on the entire universe."

No matter how you feel about Iron Man, you have to feel good about the fact that this isn't an arc where someone steals Tony's tech and he has to take it back. That's an annoying trope that has followed this character for the longest time so here's hoping Cantwell manages to come up with some fun adventures.

Iron Man #1 hits comic book stores this September.

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