Iron Man Actor Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly 'Thankful' Johnny Depp Won Defamation Trial

Iron Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

Iron Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

The years-long drama between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has finally come to a close (at least for now) after Depp won the multi-million defamation lawsuit he filed against his former wife who has long accused the actor of being an abuser.

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Credit: Disney

Depp is evidently in cloud nine after his monumental win in a trial that seemingly had no end. Now, fans are excited to see the Pirates of Caribbean build his life back and make his grand return to Hollywood, something that the 59-year-old actor admittedly wants to work on.

Naturally, Depp's friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry were very thrilled to see him overcome adversity and the outpouring of support he's been getting since winning the defamation case has been nothing short of astonishing.

Turns out, one of the first persons to reach out to Depp after the verdict was served was none other than Robert Downey Jr. himself. This new bit of information comes from Depp's close friend Josh Richman (via CinemaBlend) who revealed what the Iron Man actor told the Fantastic Beasts shortly following his trial case win.

During a Facetime conversation, Downey reportedly said: "John, thank God it’s over." To those unaware, the Hollywood icons have been good friends for years and have reportedly seen each other's ups and downs.

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Meanwhile, it'll be interesting to see how Depp will make his grand comeback to Tinseltown after years of being inactive. There have been rumors of him being offered a whopping $301 million deal by Disney to return to the Pirates franchise but the report has since been debunked. Let's see how everything plays out.

Meanwhile, all Pirates of the Caribbean films are streaming on Disney+.

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