Inside Out TV Series Reportedly In the Works

Inside Out
Credit: Pixar

Inside Out
Credit: Pixar

Inside Out remains to be one of Pixar's most acclaimed films to date as it won several awards and became a huge box office success. It is also still enduring fans and the audience even up to this day.

Almost a decade after the first film was released, a sequel is now in the works for release next year that will explore Riley as a teenager and feature a new set of emotions. Amy Poehler is set to reprise the voice role of Joy.

Now, it looks like the beloved Pixar property will now become a franchise as we may now see it jump to the small screen.

Inside Out Might Be Coming to the Small Screen

Inside Out
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Credit: Disney

A recent report from Puck revealed that Pixar is developing a big-budget TV series based on Inside Out that will stream on Disney+. It is one of the many projects that the studio is working on as they're tasked by Disney to produce more content.

There are no details regarding the director or writer that are attached to the project. It is also unknown yet whether it will have any connection to the original film or it will feature new characters and emotions.

This report comes as a sequel is currently in the works at the moment in the studio and there have also been concerns regarding Pixar's future as their recent films flopped at the box office.

It is certainly a piece of interesting news as it is also timed with the arrival of Elemental in the theaters and its box office performance remains to be uncertain at the moment due to the studio's current state.

However, considering that they are also working on a fifth Toy Story film and have also done shows and shorts for Disney+ such as Monsters at Work, it's also not surprising at this point that they want to turn Inside Out into a bigger franchise.

Right now, Pixar has not made any confirmation yet regarding the project so we still have to take it with a grain of salt, but signs are showing that the report is likely to be true.

We should be hearing more updates about this in the coming weeks or months as the project is allegedly still in development.

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For now, you can anticipate the release of Inside Out 2 on June 14, 2024. You can check more details about it here.

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