16 Feb 2017 9:25 AM +00:00 UTC

Injustice 2 Will Have a Mobile Game

It looks like fans who voted for an entirely new game for Injustice 2 won out.

NetherRealm Studios creative head Ed Boon has announced on Twitter that a brand-new tie-in game will arrive on the app store.

"Yes, Injustice 2 is coming to mobile! Brand new app with tons of new features, modes, and all new combat system! More info soon!"

This announcement may divide fans. On the one hand, Injustice Gods Among Us on mobile platforms had been successful in its own way. In fact, some fans were even complaining that the console version of the original game had received far less updates compared to its mobile counterpart.

Ohers feel that discontinuing the original mobile game in lieu of a new one without some way of transferring data saves would be a waste of the effort that fans devoted to the game.

Of course, this can be two-fold. While I understand fans' pains of just moving onto a new mobile game without the upper hand of what you've already progressed through in the old game—think of all those Gold cards and Gears!—if this is an entirely new game with a new battle system, it does make sense.

But since Gears will also play a role in Injustice, it better not just add some fancier way of using Gears, because that system has already been introduced in the major update to Injustice Gods Among Us mobile.

More details are expected to roll out for Injustice 2 mobile. We'll be waiting.

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