Inhumans Star Confirms How Low-Budget Triton's Costume Was

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Credit: ABC/Marvel

While we can argue about the movies Marvel Studios makes and where they should be in the rankings, most of us can agree that they are competently made films with a basic three-act structure, for better or worse. The biggest failure to ever come from Marvel is their disastrous television take on Inhumans, which continues to be the worst thing Marvel Television has ever produced, despite so much build-up from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Just look at Triton's "costume."

On Twitter, Triton actor Mike Moh revealed how cheap the costume for this character was since they basically painted him green and called it a day. While Moh is thankful for his time on the show, he felt that the serial suffered from a lot of constraints when it came to makeup and prosthetics. It's probably why they cut Medusa's hair early so they wouldn't use that horrible CGI.


Now that Kevin Feige is also in charge of Marvel Television, fans are hoping that Inhumans gets some sort of reboot. Feige initially had plans for this group of characters in movie form but that somehow ended up getting a poorly-received television series instead. Considering how great these characters are in the comics, it really is a shame how they handled this adaptation.

Marvel Studios was set on making the Inhumans their second-rate X-Men, even mandating a whole new comic book line that would have this species replace Marvel's mutants. Despite an acclaimed Black Bolt series, the move failed to endear readers to these characters and Disney ended up buying Fox anyway, making all of these skeevy moves useless.

Inhumans is available now on digital stores if you want to check that out.


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