Mahershala Ali Teases Marvel's Blade Reboot with Cool New Image

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There is little doubt that people are already expecting great things in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe reboot of Blade. So it's no surprise that Mahershala Ali can't help but hype fans up with some awesome teases. The former Luke Cage star has just teased on the MCU flick with a cool new image of himself as the Daywalker.

Ali shared the image on his official Instagram account. Check it out below.


We're loving the simple yet edgy style as it's a perfect fit for Ali. However, this isn't new concept art for the upcoming MCU movie. The fan art was actually created by digital artist Max Beech and Ali liked it so much that he just had to share it with his own followers.

For now, there haven't been any new details about the Blade reboot. Ali continues to be the only name attached to the project. However, this could change in the next few months when Marvel Studios gets back to work after the coronavirus outbreak lockdown. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Blade was originally played by Wesley Snipes, who previously shared his own excitement for the reboot. Snipes pointed out that the project was "something that [Ali] has acknowledged that he wanted to do, and his family wanted him to do it. So I'm appreciative of getting the love, and I've created something that others want to carry on and maybe put their own stamp on it."

The Blade reboot has not yet been given an official release date.


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