Incredibles 2’s Blu-Ray Release Date Makes Its Way Online

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Incredibles 2 met a huge wave of success when it released earlier this year. Not only did the Incredibles sequel earn a shower of overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and critics, the animated comic book movie also broke box office records left and right. Incredibles 2 beat Finding Dory to become North America's highest-grossing animated feature film. It also sailed past Beauty and the Beast to become the biggest-earning movie in North America that isn't rated PG-13. Sure, the film might not have managed to take away Frozen's $1.26 billion crown, but it sure came close with its $1.12 billion earnings.

Now, a few months after completing its theatrical run, Incredibles 2 finally seems to have a date for its home release. Laughing Place just recently shared a photo of Disney's "Not So Scary" treat bag on Twitter today, and the treat bag comes with an Incredibles 2 theme. In the design of the bag is the film's home release dates, October 23 for Digital HD and November 6 for Blu-Ray.

This is definitely exciting news for Incredibles fans. Now that the release dates are out, we're probably soon to see Disney officially announcing the film's Blu-Ray release and the bonus materials that's going to come with it. We can't wait to see what kind of incredible behind-the-scenes videos were going to get from Incredibles 2's Blu-Ray.

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