Incoming Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani Gave Captain Marvel a Negative Review

When they said that Ms. Marvel lead Iman Vellani was a newcomer, they meant it. The actress didn't even have an IMDb page when the news was announced, and everyone online has been scrambling to find out more about their new Kamala Khan. What's funny is, Vellani has a Letterboxd account, and everyone found her negative review of Captain Marvel.

Check it out:

She also wrote: These stars are not for Brie Larson, I will sacrifice my own life… for Brie Larson.

While Vellani is still a mystery to the rest of the internet, a lot of people are already falling in love with her Letterboxd reviews. On Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, she wrote, "Don't be shy, show Galactus," and with this year's Tenet, Vellani commented, "ok ok now explain it like I'm a child."

It's funny because it kind of harkens to the comic characterization of Kamala who is already a big Avengers nerd. I can just imagine Kamala spending her time online and giving snarky reviews about movies. Hopefully, Vellani has the comedy chops to pull it off because I think it's essential for the character to be funny. So far, things are looking great.

We don't know when Ms. Marvel is set to release, but rumor has it that Kamala will make her debut in another MCU film. Personally, I hope she makes it to the third Spider-Man film as a classmate of Peter Parker; I think there's something for the characters to bond over since they're both young, but I am open to Kamala having her own world in Jersey.

No release date has been set for Ms. Marvel, but WandaVision comes to Disney+ before 2020 ends.

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