05 Jul 2017 7:12 PM +00:00 UTC

In Japan, You Can Marry A Virtual Bride in VR Waifu Weddings

Over the past decade, we've seen virtual reality technology evolve to expand possibilities of what we can experience and create. From gaming to business, pleasure, and architecture, there's a lot people can do with virtual reality, but sadly, some people in Japan are abusing it to fulfill their mediocre fantasies of marrying their own waifu (anime and video game significant others).

Ruptly TV has shared a video of someone marrying his anime waifu through VR, and they even have photo sessions on top of the wedding ceremony. Watch it here:

I know Japan comes up with a lot of weird stuff, and a lot of them are cool, but this one falls under the ridiculous kind. I know virtual reality is meant to escape reality and/or experience an alternate reality but taking romantic love for a fake being is just going too far. What do you think about these waifu weddings? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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