I'll Be Your Night Release Date, Spoilers, Cast: UKISS Jun, NU'EST JR, AB6IX Kim Donghyun, Yoon Ji Sung, And More Attend Script Reading For Upcoming Kdrama

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Credit: SBS

The upcoming SBS Kdrama I'll Be Your Night is continuously creating noise ever since it announced its main cast members and storyline. Recently, the series has launched its own social media account for the imaginary boy band LUNA, which was created for the show.

I'll Be Your Night is also exciting prospective viewers who are patiently waiting for its premiere by revealing the friendly and passionate script reading scene attended by the cast members. On September 28, 2021, the SBS imminent series released still cut previews at the script reading site where the main cast members UKISS Jun, NU'EST JR, AB6IX Kim Donghyun, Yoon Ji Sung, Jang Dong Joo, and Jeong In Sun appeared.

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Credit: SBS

The unveiled still cut images showed the actors working in harmony as they reenact the scenes through script reading with professionalism. It is also expected that this combination of admirable personalities will herald the birth of a well-made drama.

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I'll Be Your Night Creates Instagram Account For The LUNA Band

Ahead of the series premiere, SBS has revealed a social media account dedicated to the LUNA band that will definitely have fans swoon throughout the Kdrama's airing. In particular, several concept images were posted on the band's Instagram account.

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Starting September 14, the account had welcomed potential viewers with a black-and-white image containing each member's hand alongside the introduction of the band's name. It was also revealed that the LUNA band would have several albums inside the Kdrama, such as the 1st album LULLABY, the 2nd album Total Lunar Eclipse, and just four days ago, the 1st single album OUR HOURS.

Just like the previous idol-themed Kdrama Imitation, the LUNA band for I'll Be Your Night will also release several songs for a more realistic experience throughout the series.

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I'll Be Your Night Plot And Storyline

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I'll Be Your Night will be a sweet yet traumatic story about a world star idol who suffers from sleepwalking. He eventually gets involved in a bickering romance with a fake physician who ends up living at the idol band's dormitory. The hidden situation makes the storyline rather exciting as to how the resident physician will secretly treat the idol's condition.

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I'll Be Your Night Release Date

The series has been initially reported to be in progress since 2019, and just recently, the main characters for I'll Be Your Night have been confirmed and are said to be in the midst of preparing for the drama's filming. It was earlier revealed to air sometime in the second half of 2021.


I'll Be Your Night is now confirmed to meet global viewers in November.

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