iKON Confirmed to Release New Album Following Departure From YG Entertainment

Credit: iKON/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: iKON/YouTube Screenshot

Such shocking news yet fans are relieved that although iKON members are leaving YG Entertainment, they will still be together as one group.

iKON debuted as a seven-member boy group under YG Entertainment in 2015. Since 2019, the team continued as a six-member group when the leader, B.I., faced a scandal that resulted in his unfortunate departure. The last album of iKON before leaving YG Entertainment is the 4th mini album, FLASHBACK, which was released in May 2022.

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iKON Ends Ties With YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment shared the news of all six members of iKON agreeing to terminate their exclusive contracts as soon as the expiration period arrives. As a result, all six members left the company to start new careers.

Following this news, iKON has also revealed its side regarding the contract termination. "The members came together with the continuation of group activities as the top priority, and our thoughts aligned with 143 Entertainment, the company of Producer DM who we have interacted musically for a long time."

iKON is a South Korean boy band that was formed in 2013. The band said, "We will continue iKON's music with even more passion to repay the heartfelt support and love you have given us up to this point."

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iKON Starts Anew With New Agency

After the news of all six members of iKON leaving YG Entertainment, it was confirmed that the team had signed exclusive contracts with 143 Entertainment. Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, Kim Donghyuk, and Goo Junhoe all inked contracts with 143 Entertainment on January 1, while the youngest, Jung Chanwoo was the sixth member to join the group in the new beginning.

143 Entertainment is a new agency founded by composer and producer Digital Master in 2020. The entertainment company currently houses the idol group LIMELIGHT.

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iKON began their career as a singer with their first digital single "MY TYPE" on September 15, 2015. Prior to the group's official debut, iKON members already made their names known by appearing on the Mnet survival program "WIN" in 2013 and another Mnet survival program "MIX & MATCH" the following year.

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