HyunA Refuses To Marry DAWN? Bubble Pop Singer Says She Needs To Reconsider Marriage Due to Some Issues

Credit: HYUNA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYUNA/YouTube Screenshot

HyunA seemingly needs more time to think whether or not she will marry DAWN.

HyunA and DAWN became gamechangers after the power couple let their relationship prevail despite the dating rules set by their former agency, JYP Entertainment. Instead of breaking up, they chose to leave the company and stay in a relationship.

But the Red singer now has second thoughts about tying the knot due to the marriage stories she recently heard.

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HyunA No Longer Wants To Marry DAWN?

HyunA recently hinted that she might need to reconsider marrying DAWN.

The former 4MINUTE member appeared during the July 20 episode of the MBC TV show, Radio Star (via SBS News), in which she talked about marriage with the hosts and other guests.

Han Young shared her thoughts about marriage life and detailed her current setup with trot singer Park Koon. She revealed that there are things she needs to take care of after tying the knot since they are different in terms of cleaning.

She said:

"After my husband comes home, he takes his clothes off and puts them on a chair. When I ask him why he put them there, he will be like, 'I'm going to wear them again tomorrow. Don't wash my socks as well. They're clean.'
I just don't like seeing worn clothes and socks lying around like that. So, I end up putting them away myself. Another thing is, he never wears them the next day like he said he would! It's like, 'Why then?!'"

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HyunA commented on the story, saying that she had already heard married couples go through things like that. Her boyfriend reportedly told her he did not want her to touch his socks. When he comes over to her place, the idol feels disturbed seeing how he places his car key and wallet on the dining table.

Meanwhile, Kim Gura noted that there are couples who could not accept differences they ended up living in separate homes. She mentioned comedian Yeom Kyung Hwan as an example, as he lives on the 13th floor while his wife resides on the 9th floor.

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After hearing these, HyunA said DAWN proposed to her, but she seemingly does not want to get married anymore. She said so as she could not imagine taking care of things more compared to when she is not yet married.

DAWN Already Wants To Marry Her

Far from what HyunA wants, DAWN recently hinted that he already wants to marry her as soon as time permits.

In a separate appearance on the same TV show, DAWN told the hosts that he does not have a specific date yet.

However, he divulged they both love to do things without plans, so he said they could get married next week. As of now, getting married is impossible since they are both busy with their careers.

HyunA recently marked her comeback with Nabillera.

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