Hulu Orders New Marvel Shows for Ghost Rider and Helstrom

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UPDATE:Variety revealed that Gabriel Luna will be reprising his role as Robbie Reyes. The original story is as follows.

It looks like Hulu doesn't just want animated Marvel shows, as it was revealed that the streaming service has ordered a live-action Ghost Rider series. In addition to that, there are also plans to make a Helstrom series, with both Daimon and Ana as lead characters. This is giving us a lot of clues about the future of Marvel TV since it seems like they want to dive into the more mystical side of things.


According to, Ghost Rider has been ordered for a 2020 release and will have Robbie Reyes as the focus, instead of original Rider Johnny Blaze. The character has already appeared in Agents of SHIELD, played by Gabriel Luna, but it's unclear if the actor will return for the role. He does have a starring role in the new Terminator film but there could always be time to film that afterward.

Helstrom is more of a mystery since the character has yet to be shown or mentioned in any of the MCU films or serials. Daimon has been an on-again-off-again ally to the heroes of Marvel, though he usually leans to the side of good these days. Both Daimon and Ana are literally the children of Satan since there are many versions of Hell in Marvel, but let's not get into that topic.

Ghost Rider will join Runaways as the second live-action Marvel show on Hulu. The series is expected to come out in 2020.

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