Hugh Jackman Shares Photo With Late Wolverine Creator Len Wein

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A lot of tributes are currently coming out for late Wolverine and Swamp Thing creator Len Wein who died at the age of 69. Hugh Jackman, who has played a character that Wein created for the past 17 years, has gone to pay tribute to Wein, and has shared a photo of both of them meeting in person back in 2008.

Back in 2000, Jackman was more known for his work on musicals, but it could be argued that it was his role as Wolverine that gained him worldwide celebrity. Jackman has since grown to be one of the biggest actors in Hollywood today, and it's probably thanks to Wein's creation that Jackman is now one of the largest A-Listers in the industry.

Going back to Wein, he has had a pretty seasoned career with comics including Teen Titans, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Batman, and a lot more. He also helped edit probably one of the most "important" graphic novels of all time, Alan Moore's Watchmen.


A lot of modern artists have their careers thanks to Wein, and news of his death has gotten some heartfelt messages from creators like Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, and Mark Millar. Wein's family can be assured that he has left a very strong legacy when it comes to comics.

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