The Box Office Total For 'Logan' Is An Unintentional Easter Egg

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Fox's X-Men movies have gotten a mixed reception in recent years, most likely due to the popularity of Marvel Studios, but there's no denying that Logan is a great film. Dark, gritty and filled with heart, it moved both audiences and critics around the world, so it's box office success is not a big surprise. What might be surprising however, is the total box office amount it made, which is a funny little Easter Egg Marvel fans will love.

Go to Box Office Mojo, and you will see that the film's overall earnings are $616,801,808. It's a pretty respectable amount for an R-Rated blockbuster, but what comic fans will be talking about is the 616 that starts the money off.

Marvel fans commonly call the main universe of the comics Earth 616, a concept Alan Moore introduced when writing Captain Britain, with other writers following suit. It's the main Earth that familiar versions of The Avengers, Spider-Man and more inhabit, though Marvel has tried changing that monicker after the Secret Wars event. Despite this, most fans still call the main Marvel universe Earth 616, so it looks like that name is sticking.

Admittedly, if you round it off it would be $617 million, but where is the fun in that? While the money doesn't lead to anything spectacular, it does mean that we will get more X-Men films in the future. Logan might have been the end of Wolverine, but we do still have X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Deadpool 2 to look forward to.

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