Hugh Jackman Shares A Heartwarming Stan Lee Story

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So many hearts broke in two when word broke out that Stan Lee had passed away after being taken to the hospital from his home in Hollywood Hills. The Marvel comic book legend and cameo king had played such a significant role in pop culture, and Lee's fans, friends, and Hollywood colleagues all took to social media to pay respects to the icon. Now, Hugh Jackman joins the fray, sharing a heartwarming story about Lee.

Speaking in an interview with MTV News to help promote his upcoming film The Front Runner, Jackman decided to open up about his experience working with Lee. The X-Men star played 20th Century Fox's Wolverine in about nine different films, and some of these led to interesting run-ins with Stan Lee.


"I was really taken back by how relaxed and happy he was and I got the sense of a man who had become a god within a subculture and this subculture had become mainstream and at age 75, getting respect and adulation,' Jackman shared during the interview.

According to The Greatest Showman actor, Lee was psyched about Jackman's enthusiasm for the franchise, recalling how excited the comic book writer was to see the geek community growing throughout the years.

"And he was like, 'I can't believe this. This is amazing. We're the kids in our basement drawing pictures and we know a few people and then 30,000 of us get together, there's 30,000 of us dressing up and there's Star Wars.' Now there's a million and a half and all of a sudden, everyone's courting them," Jackman said. "Movie studios, everybody was courting them, and you just got the sense that he's a kid in the candy store who still loves it. He's like a kid. He was just really warm. Like, he would turn up to do all those cameos, thinking, 'This is the greatest, I'm in an X-Men movie, they're bringing this stuff that's been in my head and on the page, they're bringing it to life.'"

The X-Men were some of the most iconic characters that Lee had created for Marvel comics, a group that meant to symbolize diversity and representation. Jackman first appeared as Fox's Wolverine in the 2000 X-Men and ever since then he's become the face of Logan.

While the actor doesn't seem too eager to return to the role after hanging up his claws in the gritty and dramatic Logan, the merger between Disney and Fox could provide Jackman room to try on another superhero character. Let's just wait and see.

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