Hugh Jackman Breaks Silence On Possible Return As Wolverine

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When you hear the name of the famous X-Men character, Wolverine, more often than not, you would immediately think of the amazing portrayal of Hugh Jackman as the mutant with three claws, may it be adamantium or bones. Finally, he breaks his silence on rumors spreading about his possible return in the Marvel Studios universe.

Hugh Jackman Breaks Silence On Possible Return As Wolverine
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Credit: 20th Century Studios

With the possibility opened by the various alternate timelines in the finale of Loki, the arrival of the X-Men and other characters yet to arrive in the MCU is getting more and more plausible. In a recent chat of Hugh Jackman with Jake's Takes, however, he revealed that he would not be donning the Wolverine suit anytime soon as he said that he did not receive any news from Feige yet about it.

In the interview, Jackman also shared how the film Logan helped him move on and say goodbye to his beloved character one last time and that when it was done, he knew that his time as Wolverine was up. He even joked about having Ryan Reynolds informed about that since the actor portraying Deadpool wouldn't believe him.

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Surely, it would not be long enough until the mutants come storming the MCU and it would definitely be incomplete without Wolverine, one of the most famous characters in the franchise. Those claws would not lie and if and when the character arrives in the MCU, many fans are hoping to see Jackman wear the suit once more.

Still, considering that the tenured actor seemed to have his mind made up already, whoever would fill in the shoes of Wolverine could definitely feel the pressure knowing that Jackman's portrayal is unparalleled, so much that one could easily equate the character to him. It would really be a hard part to play but whoever the lucky actor would be should, at least, level with Jackman's, better if he could do more and own the role.