19 May 2016 12:02 PM +00:00 UTC

How the Avengers: Infinity War Writers Will Approach the Thanos “Challenge”

Thanos is arguably a menacing villain, but while he's portrayed as such in the comics, it remains to be seen whether he will be on the big screen once Avengers: Infinity War Part One hits theaters in 2018. So far, we've only seen the purple alien sitting on his throne and giving orders behind the scenes.

The Russo brothers explained last week how they're planning to make the villain more menacing in the two-part Infinity War films. Now, Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely admitted how Thanos is certainly a challenge, but they're also offering us a concrete answer with regard to how they're going to solve that villain issue.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, the writers discussed how they'll make Thanos faithful to the comics.

McFeely said:

I think the problem will be solved simply because he will be the villain, have lots of scenes, and you'll understand his point of view. He'll do lots of dastardly things. I'm not saying he's not a challenge. He is, because he's got so much power, but I guess find the, I'm using this in quotes, ‘the human underneath,' but we'll have the opportunity because he'll have a lot of scenes.

Meanwhile, Markus also offered a bit of perspective on the matter. He said:

Yeah, and like any character, we're going to learn about the character, not just as a villain. If you've got the guy taking you through more or less two movies, he can't just be twisting his mustache the whole time.

Well that's certainly offers us great detail into the film and how they'll manage the Thanos issue. However, it begs the question of what they're planning to use as Thanos' motivations for power, which in the comics is none other than love.

The comics portray Thanos as someone who has an intense desire for Death's physical manifestation, which is the reason why he wants the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet for himself. Thanos wants to impress Death.

It remains to be seen whether Infinity War will choose to be completely faithful to the comics with the Thanos storyline, but with Cate Blanchett rumored to play the Asgardian goddess of death Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, this storyline certainly looks like a possibility.

Avengers: Infinity WarPart One hits theaters on May 4, 2018.

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