How Strong is Dark Schneider in Bastard?

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How Strong is Dark Schneider in Bastard

Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy sees the comeback of the legendary dark wizard! Dark Schneider has returned to conquer the new world and realize his lifelong dream of having an endless harem of beautiful girls. So, just how strong is Dark Schneider in Bastard?

Fans frequently compare Dark Schneider's strength to Goku from Dragon Ball, claiming that in a battle of a lifetime, Dark Schneider would easily defeat Goku.

Fans also agree that Goku will have a difficult time defeating Dark Schneider. However, these two should not be compared because they have different measures of power. What are your thoughts?

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How Strong is Dark Schneider in Bastard?

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Dark Schneider is Bastard's strongest dark wizard, often referred to as the "actual God of Darkness." In addition to the ability to wield ancient spells, Dark Schneider has mastered the fire sword Efreet.

Black magic, fire, lightning, and thunder are among his dark spells. He doesn't have any ice or cold spells in his arsenal because he dislikes them, even though he has the means to do so.

Dark Schneider's black magic spells include his all-time favorite Venom, the Endless Fiery Hell of Sodom, the explosive Megadeath, the Blue Nail Curse of the Accused, Helloween, and Black Sabbath Dawning.

On the other hand, he specializes in fire magic, and his spells include Guns and Roses, Exodus, Force Barrier, Damned, Impellitteri, and the Earth Bursting Flame Crash Magnum, which can create magma from the soil.

Moreover, Dark Schneider can cast the thunderous blast of Balvolt, the lightning rockets of Anselm, the orb of electricity, Voivod, the arcs of electricity, Riot, Anthem's magic arrows of energy, Raven's flight spell, and Vengeance's lightning cannonball.

Dark Schneider can also cast energy magic, such as the Rainbow. Meanwhile, his summoning magic allows him to control the legendary stone monster Golem as well as the salamander ring of fire.

He is a force to be reckoned with even without his magical spells. He not only has increased strength and durability, but he can also use his fire sword. In addition, he has the ability to regenerate body parts as if they were nothing. His illusions are also impressive, which can cause his opponents to become confused.

The most important aspect of Dark Schneider's power is that he has attained magical immortality. Even if he is defeated and dies, Dark Schneider can reincarnate himself using his magic. furthermore, he has the ability to dispel bounds.


Part of his power comes from his ability to transform into his Majin form while summoning the Dragon Knight!

To defeat Dark Schneider, his opponents need to wipe out his eternal atoms, which exist on three planes of existence: physical, spiritual, and soul.

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