04 Mar 2017 10:05 AM +00:00 UTC

How Star Wars Saved the Month for Marvel Comics In February 2017

Marvel might be running circles around DC as far as their cinematic universes are concerned, but this February it was trailing behind its competition in terms of the ranking in the top 10 bestselling comic categories. The titles that have saved it from being booted out of the top ten list are not even traditional Marvel favorites like Avengers and X-Men, but spring from another separate piece of iconic pop culture: the Star Wars saga.

A Star Wars title grabbed the number one bestselling title position during the month of hearts: the premiere issue of Star Wars: Darth Maul.

The next issue from the space franchise, Star Wars #28, was much lower in rank, at #8.


Newsarama says that DC dominated the top 10 popular comics in February. Its ranking of titles according to sales made during that month is as follows:

#1 - Star Wars: Darth Maul

#2 - Batman #16

#3 - Batman #17

#4 - Justice League of America #1

#5 - Super Sons #1

#6 - The Walking Dead #164


#7 - All Star Batman #7

#8 - Star Wars #28

#9 - Justice League of America Rebirth #1

#10 -Justice League #14

Darth Maul might have met his end years ago in Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace. And Star Wars has a new baddie in Kylo Ren. But based on the comics, interest in the red-faced Sith Lord who wielded a two-edged lightsabre remains high. Right now, it has made his title zoom past the other classic lines in both DC and Marvel. The Force is with Darth Maul's new lease on life in the four-color strip - and by extension, with Marvel Comics.