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How Netflix's The Witcher Will Balance Dark Moments with Comedy

We're all waiting for Netflix's The Witcher, which is set to come out sometime this Fall. While it won't directly follow the plot from the video games, it will set up several relationships that none of us know the origin of, which means we're in for some fresh stories. However, anyone who has played these games knows that they tend to have a focus on the dark side of fantasy, despite a few laughs here and there. recently got to talk to Anya Chalotra, who plays Yennefer in the series, and she was asked about the show's tone. Chalotra does confirm that the series is a dark one but due to some character beats and certain supporting characters, it won't ever get too grim. Obviously, there will be a lot of grim moments but it seems like they will be broken up by the occasional quip or two.

"I think so. Yeah, absolutely. I think it is a serious show and I think it is dark and I think it's full of heart, but there are some hilarious characters in it. I mean, Dandelion. Not Dandelion, Jaskier. My God. Jaskier. Yeah, he's so hilarious and the relationship that he has with Geralt, but also Yennefer. Full of wit and she has some dark times but always manages to not take herself too seriously."

Balancing humor and dark moments can be difficult but is far from impossible. Game of Thrones has actually managed to do this a number of times, even though it was mostly dark and grim (aside from the final season, which is just garbage according to critics). The games also did this very well, though pacing in a video game is different from shows.

The Witcher is set to hit Netflix this Fall.

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