How Many Episodes Will Season 1 of Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Have?

Credit: Studio Bind

Credit: Studio Bind

When Episode 1 of Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnationaired on the 11th of January 2021 it became one of the stars of the Winter 2021 anime season. The anime recounts the adventures of Rudeus, a boy living in the magical Six-Faced World, as he grows and learns to yield magic that is inherent in all the inhabitants of that universe.

But Rudeus is actually the reincarnation of a 34-year-old unemployed man who was killed in a car crash and – in true Isekai fashion – got transported in a magical world while retaining all his memories: now he's determined to live without regrets. So far, 5 episodes of Mushoku Tensei have been released, with the sixth due to air this week. But how many episodes will Season 1 of Jobless Reincarnation have?

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation will be a two-cour anime. The currently ongoing first cour will have 11 Episodes according to the big anime database MyAnimeList. This means that we are already almost halfway through the first part of season 1, with about one month and a half to go.

The second cour will air later in the year, presumably with another batch of 11 episodes.

The light novel series by Rifujin na Magonote follows Rudy throughout his lifetime, which couldn't easily be covered in 11 episodes given that, as of Episode 5, Rudy is still a child under 12 years old - in body, if not in spirit. By the end of the first cour, we can expect that his childhood will be wrapped up leaving room for cour 2 to follow a slightly older Rudeus as he masters his magic.

This is not to say there is no room for another Season in the future, especially given the show's success!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the light novel, parts of which are available in English, and the ongoing manga, the 12th volume of which will become available in English in just one week, on the 16th of February.

Mushoku Tensei airs every Sunday on Hulu and Funimation. The latter is known for its dubs, making tthe show a potential candidate to be dubbed.

If you are interested in Winter 2021 Season's ongoing anime, you might also want to check out The Promised Neverland and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

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