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How Many Episodes Will Season 1 of In the Land of Leadale Have?

How many episodes will In the Land of Leadale have? The Winter 2022 anime season isn't as big on isekai as other recent anime seasons, although How the Realist Kingdom Rebuilt the Kingdom Part 2 is one of those ranking first in popularity. But some viewers are content with cuter, more quiet productions, featuring a slow life in an idyllic isekai world. In the Land of Leadale is just the show for that, so let's see how long it'll run for.

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For the uninitiated, In the Land of Leadale follows Keina, a girl who is put on life support after an accident. When a power outrage causes her life support to stop working, Keina dies, only to wake up in another world; Leadale, the fantasy land where her favorite RPG unfolds. Now a half-elf named Cayna, she can explore the land she already loves and have many adventures.

There's one complication, though. Leadale seems a bit different from the land she remembered. Soon, she realizes that this is because 200 years have passed in-universe, and the once-thriving land is faced with a set of challenges she had no idea about while exploring as a player.

The anime has been noted for its ableist aspect, since Keina's condition is perceived as a tragedy, the show literally starts with her death, and her being "isekai-ed" to a fantasy world is considered as freedom. This is enough to stop some people from watching further, which is fair enough.

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Those who did continue note that while not much is happening, In the Land of Leadale is a fun, slow-life show that's nice to want if you want to just relax and enjoy cute vibes. So, how much more of that can they expect?

According to popular anime database MyAnimeList, In the Land of Leadale will run for 12 episodes. This is a typical season length, and probably enough for a show that isn't very plot-heavy. The light novel the anime is based on has only run for seven volumes, so more content would be a stretch right now - though, depending on reception by the end of the season, more content later can't be completely ruled out!

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