What to Expect From Quintessential Quintuplets Movie?

The Quintessential Quintuplets follows the story of Futaro Uesugi, a high school student who had a difficult life. He had no friends, his father has a huge debt, and his mother died. His situation changed when the Nakano family transferred to his school. He was then hired as a private tutor.

What was interesting is that he was tasked to teach quintuplet sisters, who have unique personalities. To make things even more entertaining, they are not interested in studying at all. His relationship with them grew as time passed by, and he even got married to one of them. Though her identity is unknown at the moment.

What to Expect From Quintessential Quintuplets Movie?

What to Expect From Quintessential Quintuplets Movie?
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What to Expect From Quintessential Quintuplets Movie?

After season two ended, it was immediately revealed that a movie was already in the works. Sad to say, this will be the last installment of Quintessential Quintuplets. The movie is set to release on May 20, 2022. It will be produced by Bibury Animation Studios and will run for 130 minutes.

Season 2 ended at chapter 86 of the manga. This means that chapters 87 to 122 will be covered by the movie. With this much content, fans believe that some parts will be skipped in the movie. There are also speculations that the movie will focus on the love story.

Based on the flow of the manga, chapters 87 to 95 will be a flashback focused on Yotsuba. This will give viewers an in-depth understanding of her past, and why she is like that in the series. Chapters 96 to 104 covered the school festival. This is also where Ichika spent an evening with Futaro and kissed him. From chapters 105 to 113, the festival continued, particularly on the last day. The quintuplets told Futaro to go to the room of the person he wanted to date. So he went to the infirmary, which is Yotsuba’s room.

For the final volume, which comprises chapters 114 to 122, Yotsuba did not accept Futaro’s choice as she knew that it would upset her sisters. The volume also showcased the future of all the characters, including the wedding of Futaro and the mysterious quint sister. If the movie will stay true to the manga, the movie will most likely cover these aspects.

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