How Many Episodes Will Kdrama Business Proposal Have?

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Business Proposal is a new Kdrama series that stars Lovers of the Red Sky actor Ahn Hyo Seop, former Gugudan member Kim Se Jeong, Backstreet Rookie actor Kim Min Kyu, and Mr. Queen actress Seol Inah.

The SBS series premiered on February 28 with an average nationwide viewership rating of 4.9%. Business Proposal is currently on its 4th episode, with episode 5 scheduled to be released on March 14, Monday.

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What Is The Plot And Storyline Of the Kdrama Business Proposal?

Business Proposal is a Kdrama that tells the story of Hari, who goes on a blind date instead of her friend to frighten away the prospective suitor. Things go wrong when he turns out to be the CEO where Hari is working and continues forward with a proposal.

Shin Ha Ri is portrayed by Kim Se Jeong. The character is a single woman who works for a business firm. She has a guy friend with whom she has had a long-standing infatuation, but she discovers he has a girlfriend.

Ahn Hyo Seop breathes life into the character of Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of a corporation started by his grandfather. Kang Tae Mu is a workaholic who gets irritated every time his grandfather arranges blind dates for him. So to make the arrangements end, he decides to marry the next woman he meets during a blind date.

Here is the official synopsis for Business Proposal provided by Netflix:

In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away.

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How Many Episodes Will Kdrama Business Proposal Have?

Most Kdrama series have an average of 12 to 16 episodes and the total time duration depends on each airing.

The SBS Kdrama Business Proposal is expected to have a total of 12 episodes. The series started airing on February 28, 2022 and has since received stable nationwide viewership ratings.

Business Proposal is currently on episode 4 and will conclude on April 5, 2022, if there are no schedule changes.

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Where To Watch Kdrama Business Proposal Online With English Sub?

Business Proposal is aired on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 PM KST. The series is also accessible for international viewers through online streaming on Netflix with English subtitles for all episodes.

Stay tuned to EpicStream on the latest news, updates, and spoilers about Business Proposal.


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