How Game of Thrones Season 6 Will Feature Sansa’s Best Story Yet

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Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones has had quite a beating during past seasons of the show. But in the last episodes of season 5, as well as these past few weeks' promotional materials, it would appear as if George R.R. Martin has been building up the character to be his novel series' dark horse.

Turner teased as much in an interview with EW last month, saying how Sansa will "grab hold" of the respect that she deserves in the upcoming season.

Well, another interview with the entertainment website conducted most recently is enforcing the thought that Sansa will be one of the biggest contenders for the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones season 6.

She told EW:

I've had more people saying, ‘You're my favorite character' than ever before, which is amazing, because I used to get ‘You're my leastfavorite character.'
She's definitely got a fan base now, and they're rallying behind her. Finally people see Sansa how I see her.
This is the season I'm most excited for. Sansa's coming into her own and standing up for herself.

Game of Thrones writer-producer Bryan Cogman backs up Turner's claim and said:

I'm very excited by where Sansa's storyline is going this season, and I think Sophie is doing the best work she's ever done in season 6.

Showrunner Dan Weiss also praised the 20-year-old actress:

Sophie really delivers this season. She's an extremely phenomenal actor, and this year she gets to go to places she's never gone.

Turner has endured and dealt with every blow she's gotten in front and behind the cameras of Game of Thrones. In the Season 5 finale, she just barely survived leaping from Winterfell's castle wall. During the third season run of the show, fans who recognized the actress have told her that they "hated" her character in the show. Well now Turner and Sansa are showing the world and Westeros that she's not to be underestimated.

I'm pretty excited to see how Sansa has transformed in Season 6. I believe we have yet to see what the character is truly capable of.

Game of Thrones Season 6 will premiere on HBO on April 24.

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