How Does Karma Work in Boruto Explained

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How Does Karma Work in Boruto Explained

While the tailed beasts in Naruto reside within Jinchurikis, members of the Otsutsuki reside within their host vessel through their Karma in Boruto after they died. While they share the ability to provide an enormous power boost to the user, Karma differs in terms of execution, invasion, and general purpose. Karma has remained a mystery to this day, leaving fans to wonder, "How does Karma work in Boruto?"

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What is Karma in Boruto?

What is Karma in Boruto?
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Credit: What is Karma?

Notably, only members of the Otsutsuki clan are able to use Karma (Kama). It is the culmination of an Otsutsuki's consciousness that they should be slain. It also resembles a four-point tattoo embedded in their appropriate vessel.

For example, after Boruto delivered the final blow to Momoshiki Otsutsuki, the latter placed his karma seal on Boruto's hand. Following that events, Boruto is constantly threatened by Momoshiki's complete reincarnation.

As of this writing, Momoshiki has three times taken control of Boruto's consciousness after the young Uzumaki has been severely injured and/or released a massive amount of chakra.

Another example is Isshiki Otsutsuki's karma seal. If memory serves, Isshiki shrunk himself in order to imprint his karma seal on Jigen, a once-novice monk.

However, Isshiki cannot fully reincarnate with Jigen because the latter is insufficiently strong and adequate to handle his reincarnation. He decides to establish the Kara organization not only to cultivate the chakra fruit of the God Tree but also to find a suitable vessel for his resurrection.

In a nutshell, Karma is an Otsutsuki's backup drive. Once connected to a suitable host, their consciousness begins to creep up on the vessel in preparation for a full invasion.

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How Does Karma Work in Boruto?

How Does Karma Work in Boruto?
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Credit: How Does Karma Work in Boruto

As previously stated, Karma functions as a backup drive for an Otsutsuki. When they are killed, their consciousness migrates to either their killer or the nearest individual they can find. However, this occurs only on rare occasions because their consciousness takes a heavy toll on the body of a potential vessel. For example, White Karma has been imprinted on Code after the latter's body was unable to digest Isshiki's DNA.

Meanwhile, it is assumed that Boruto's young body can resist Momoshiki Otsutsuki's DNA because he is a direct descendant of Hagoromo and Haruma Otsutsuki, thus having relative blood. Another thing to think about is how Momoshiki foresees Boruto's future. Momoshiki, on the other hand, has given Boruto his karma seal, allowing him to reside within the young boy's body.

While an Otsutsuki's DNA is inside, they have the ability to choose whether or not to assist their host. After a significant amount of training, some people, such as Kawaki and future Boruto, can control their karma seal at will, allowing them to use immense powers comparable to an Otsutsuki. They can absorb chakra, chakra-based attacks, cast space-time ninjutsu, and resonate with other seal holders, in addition to having their techniques and jutsus enhanced.

Notably, once the consciousness is cast into the vessel, the reincarnation process begins automatically. In fact, even the caster lacks the ability to control the speed with which they are resurrected. According to Momoshiki, once the vessel has completed 80 percent of the invasion, the target can now be used as a sacrifice to help the God Tree bloom.


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