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How Did Hawkeye Save Kate Bishop?

In the first few minutes of Hawkeye, it was revealed how Kate Bishop wanted to be an archer and she has been inspired by Clint Barton in one of the most epic highlights in his career, the Battle of New York where the Chitauri army attacked the city under the helm of Loki. How he saved her was shown and this is exactly what happened.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

How Did Hawkeye Save Kate Bishop?

How Did Hawkeye Save Kate Bishop?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
How Did Hawkeye Save Kate Bishop?

In Hawkeye Episode 1, the first few minutes of the canon show goes back to 2012 when the Battle of New York happened. Kate Bishop and her whole family lived in a penthouse and her mother and father were arguing about whether the place is to be sold or not. She was caught eavesdropping by her father and he assured her that he will always protect her.

Since the Chitauri army entered Earth, living in high places was not advisable then. One of the walls of the penthouse where Kate and her family lived was destroyed and it turns out, they were really close to the center of the fiasco, they live in the building across the Stark Tower, and in another high rise, there was Hawkeye battling the aliens with a bow and an arrow.

Such a vantage point allowed him to target those who were on air. Unknowingly, Hawkeye saved little Kate from an incoming Chitauri when he targeted the alien from afar, causing it to disintegrate. Kate saw him battling aliens with all his might and she witnessed firsthand the heroism Clint Barton has.

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Unfortunately, her father did not make it as he died in the attack. Kate held on to the promise of her father to be the protector of their family and during his wake, Kate asked her mother for a bow and arrow to learn how to protect what remains of their family.

It was later revealed that such an event inspired Kate to be like Clint. She took various classes on combat, even became a black belter by 15 years old, and she is damn good with a bow and arrow.

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