House of the Dragon Star Matt Smith Smashed Face into Sword While Filming Game of Thrones Prequel

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Watching the fights in Game of Thrones was truly enjoyable considering all the hard work that the actors and stunt team put into filming the sequences. However, it wasn't that easy in House of the Dragon. It has just revealed that Matt Smith smashed in the face with a sword while trying to shoot an epic duel!

Matt Smith's casting in House of the Dragon is an exciting one considering that he will be playing Daemon Targaryen, a feared warrior who also happens to be a skilled dragonrider. But playing an accomplished swordsman took a lot of hard work for the former Doctor Who actor and his co-stars.


The cast and crew of House of the Dragon recently attended the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con where they shared interesting stories about working on the new series. For instance, Fabien Frankel revealed that he accidentally smashed his sword into Matt Smith's face while shooting a fight scene (via Digital Spy).

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We're not sure just how crazy the scene was but there is little doubt that it's going to feature a fight between Daemon Targaryen and Ser Criston Cole. We don't have the details of the scene but we can't wait to see the two characters in action next month.

Although Daemon isn't fond of Ser Criston Cole, Matt Smith had previously made it clear that the prince is very fond of the dragon Caraxes. "He's like a huge rabid dog, in many ways, who only calms and soothes around Daemon," Smith said of Caraxes. "He's almost an untrainable dragon in many respects."

House of the Dragon will also star Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Emma D'Ary, and Rhys Ifans. The Game of Thrones prequel series will finally premiere on HBO on August 21

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